Jim Tsokanos Has Been Gaining Business Experience Since the Tender Age of Thirteen

When people first learn about Jim Tsokanos, they are surprised to discover how long his career has spanned. He started in the world of business at the age of thirteen, working at the firm his grandfather founded. It was here he began to gain the experience he would need to carry him through the many roles he has taken on over the years. This man is a leader who takes pride in taking hold of the reigns of a company and steering it onto its correct path.

Jim has been in leadership roles with the government and in the private sector. One of his biggest achievements was changing a $200-million healthcare network so it could stand up to the demands of the present market. This is a project he took great pride in and was able to fully showcase his leadership abilities on the national frontier. Jim is a consummate leader who overcomes obstacles and presents true solutions that can bring about real change in the business arena.

Not only does he work tirelessly in every leadership role he takes on, he also takes great pride in being a big part of his community. Jim’s belief has always been giving back is vital for the success of everyone in a community. From sitting on the Council of Public Relations Firms to being a member of the Economic Club of New York, Tsokanos consistently works to be an active participant in his community.

Right now, Jim is using his talents as the chief executive officer of Nu Nexus LLC. This business is a consultancy Jim founded in 2013. His firm seeks to help businesses improve their reputations. Here, he has been able to use his vast expertise and knowledge to work with a variety of government and complex organizations that need the help of his firm to enhance their position in the public arena.

Whether you meet Jim Tsokanos in the professional arena or out a restaurant, you can expect to experience his sense of humor and enjoyable conversation. He is just as comfortable in the boardroom as he is at a sporting event in the community.